Pacífico Oscuro


Il va arriver une nuit. Il est nuit comme nous ses filles. Et il va nous prendre. Nous partirons.

Cali, 2019. A large fire in the hill of Cristo Rey unleashes a series of strange events in the east of the city. Young black girls between 11 and 14 years old systematically disappear.
The caleños are far from understanding the power of the Pacific that has arrived in the city to take back its people.

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Narration : Elena Hinestroza


Chef opérateur : Sylvain Verdet
Ingénieur du son : Juan Felipe Rayo
Montage son : Benjamin Rosier
Montage image : Isabelle Proust


Compétition officielle Festival de Locarno

Panorama du Cinéma Colombien Paris • Dhaka International Film Festival • International Film Festival for Human Rights


Coproduction Félina Films

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